quad bike adventure

Quad bike ride through the stunning island

Quad bike ride

Here are the photos from our quad bike ride around this gorgeous Greek island – Santorini.

quad bike santorini

You can hire a car to do exact the same thing, but to me it wouldn’t be much of an adventure, the island is quite small and in a car you would soon complete the sightseeing, in your air con inside, not feeling the greek air, heat and smell… Well at least this is what I like as it makes everything more real! (Not sure what’s your view on this but if I was on wild safari then of course jeep is preferable, or a long road trip across USA – although I would opt in for the old school convertible!!). But here we are on a small island, ready for a little adventure, including learning how to manuevre the quad bike. We just got 1 double quad bike and Mr B was driving it for the most of the time. Men seem to be scared to give control to women (in context of vehicles that is :P), so whenever I was driving I could feel Mr B being very tense and looking through my shoulders. And here is probably why: quad bike doesn’t go super fast but you are driving ont he main road and if you have a crash then you’ll fly high, and I have a feeling person in the back has it worst (similarly to being on the back of a jet ski). You are advised to wear a helmet but that’s all you got accompanying your shorts and a t-shirt. Taking turns we drove around the island, going to various beaches (including black volcanic beach which was one of longer stops we had). Below is the pic from one of the beaches, the sand is black and super hot, although here it looks quite white! By the way I am drinking chocolate and coconut milkshake, it was yum 😀

Santorini beach seaside travelling

In the evening we drove close to the cliffs and admired the sunset. There are lots of hills and narrow roads and you pass by many other tourists both on a motor or quad bikes. We had a quad bike for 3 days and this gave us enough time to see everything we wanted to see, we also used it to get to the water sports area.

The tips I would give you, are:

1. Petrol – fuel is cheap but stations are often quite a distance away from each other, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a field and walking to the petrol station. Surprisingly when 2 of you are going up the hill the fuel indicator seems to be going down FAST

2. Map – we had a paper map and it’s good to know which directions you are going and coming back, in case technology and power banks fail (heat, time etc)

3. Sunglasses (if helmet doesn’t have a visor) – it’s windy and flies attack.

4. It accelerates fast so be careful in tight parking spaces and especially when reversing (I didn’t not have an incident honest – but thought this is a good tip).

It’s really fun, it will definitely be my choice of transport for the next time too.

quad bike riding

quad bike adventure

Take care

Alessandra xx

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