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Visit Santorini to relax for few days!

visit santoriniVisit Santorini

I first arrived to Santorini, Greece on Queen Victoria ship around three years ago, you can see the post here, I think I was still learning to format size of the photos though… I was here just for one day, from morning until the late afternoon when the cruise ship was sailing away. In my less than a full day in Santorini I had super sweet baklava cake and coffee, walked many stairs in crazy hot weather, admired the white and blue buildings, took some photos, and vowed to visit Santorini again and live a lazy life here … for at least a week. You know when sometimes places disappoint when you see them on beautiful photos on social media, and when you arrive you think ‘is that it?’… well Santorini is not one of those places 🙂 (although as everywhere nowadays there are tonnes of people queuing for the sunset photo, I think we should use someone’s pic found on google and just enjoy the experience 😛 ).

The relaxing vibe

Why I would say it’s great to visit Santorini if you are after some quality relaxation time, I think it has relaxing atmosphere – it’s quiet, calm, no one is in the rush (even though it’s busy), there are many restaurants with perfect chill out music that you can hear in the background pretty much wherever you go. There are many steps – I must warn you – so good pair of sandals or trainers is useful. Wherever you go there are some beautiful streets, flowers and buildings. There were lots of couples visiting Santorini on their honeymoon or anniversary (at least those we spoke to). We also met a group of girls on a hen night, Santorini has got few small clubs, but I think for a party I would choose another Greek island – Mykonos.


Best time for sightseeing, although it is hot! We stayed here for 9 days, in village Imerovigli and from there walked to Oia (probably most famous on the island) and other way – Thera and Faros. Mr B and I also hired a quad bike on some days and drove around the whole island. There are some nice places to see, do a bit of research before you go. We also went to the volcanic black beach and on a jet ski safari. Had feta fried in sesame seeds, I think it also had honey on top of it, it was one of best meals I never had before 😀 (if you’ve got sweet tooth try it!).


It appears it’s when everything comes to life, the sun sets and it’s not so boiling hot, also the hair and make-up is a bit more manageable. Everyone dresses nicely and goes out for drinks or a meal. I really liked dining on the terraces as you can enjoy the view, all the lights on the cliff are on (of course it’s also quite iconic during the day too). Try Greek wine! I loved walking by the coast from Imerovigli to Thera (Fira), you get an awesome view of the whole coast in lights, and walk around local markets, with various souvenirs, accessories, clothes and leather items. Dinner out is so lovely, one of the blogs I read before going recommended Mama Thira Tavern, so I went there and I loved it so much, I think I was there 3 times!! So definitely recommending it forward! It’s not just the food but staff has got really good sense of humour and are lovely 🙂

visit santorini

visit santorini mama thira


My favourite part of the day in Santorini, I think I need to make a separate post on this but another must have is breakfast on the balcony. From what I saw majority of villas (and of course hotels) come with balcony or terrace / roof top, where you get served breakfast at your chosen time and with items chosen a night before (like room service in hotels). Best thing ever!!


Whatever you like 🙂 There is a mix of relaxed and glam tourists. Some people dress up a bit in the evenings, like me ha ha, so for example girls wearing nice maxi dresses, play-suits, flowery dresses and guys trousers and shirts, (but shorts also). But honestly it’s very relaxed so if dressing up is not your thing it’s completely fine.

Visit Santorini – Overall

Visit Santorini one day because it’s relaxing and beautiful holiday, I would go again many times with friends or family, even on my own! Lots of stairs, up and down walking, if you have problems walking, then taxi still can take you around to some places, just make sure your hotel and villa have easy access (ours was lots of stairs away from the street).

visit santorini day sightseeing

Hope you enjoyed my quick summary, let me know if you have already been to the pretty island and what were your top things there. Next few posts will have lots of pictures I took from Santorini.

Kisses, Alessandra xx

visit santorini

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