discover copenhagen

Discover Copenhagen: boat cruising


discover copenhagen

There are some countries really close to where I live which I have never seen. Therefore I was quite excited when I received an invitation to visit Copenhagen in Denmark. Not sure if you are the same, but my trips usually start with roughly 3 things, check the weather, plan main outfits, research some cool facts and history of the place. So in general it’s about fashion and knowledge and I just love to look my best for a place that have never seen me. What Copenhagen (or Denmark in general) should be definitely known for is that they have a monarchy which is older than Great Britain’s! The cool facts are that royal family owns their own phone app (it’s in Danish) and people can be most up to date with the royal news. The Instagram of British Royalty is probably a step towards similar direction. Queen Margrethe seems to be quite modern and interesting character, it would be nice to chat with her one day 🙂 by the way she is 1.8m tall (6cm taller than me, it’s quite tall!) and studied philosophy and archaeology. The thing none of my hosts mentioned was that Hans Christian Andersen is a Danish author who wrote some of the most famous fairy tales, such as ‘The Snow Queen’, ‘The Ugly Duckling’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, my mom and me used to love reading these. The statue of little mermaid is in Copenhagen.


The things I loved most when we arrived was that the weather was super sunny and hot, which is not always the case in Kingdom of Denmark. We have been taken on the boat and cruised around the canal. It was truly wonderful! You get to steer your boat yourself, it seemed easy although I didn’t steer it 😛 On the way there are various streets and buildings that you pass by and the architecture is so varied everything is nice to look at. There are also some tour boats on the canal that you see and wave to. You go under bridges or stop by the shop to pop out of the boat and get some local beer. It was really quiet around the canal (until we got near the tour boats of course), the water was calm, you could hear birds from nearby trees, sounds of water as the boat cruised through the canal, indistinct chattering from pubs or restaurants by the shore. I must say it was a super relaxing thing to do and I would recommend you try it if you ever visit Copenhagen!

discover copenhagen

Copenhagen by boat cruise

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