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Pic with awesome pilot who flew the bi-plane for my wing walk!! <3

Aerobility is a charity that does cool stuff in field of aviation. I know some people are immune to word charity and scroll past posts like that but this is different. FUN. Let me put this into different perspective for you before I go into more detail…

I recently made a list of things that are important to me in life, and right next to the relationships and close connection to people, came up freedom. Freedom to me can be a simple thing, usually being outdoors and feeling the wind on my body in some way, I feel it when I drive a car fast with windows down, or when I am on a jet ski, or ok – on the plane. It may sound silly but feeling speed, my heart skipping a beat, allows me to feel free, and this gives me a sense that anything is possible, a confidence booster. My friend Bella who rides a high speed motorbike said it first :*

So say I (and probably you too) can casually go to the jet ski people and say:

  • Hi jet ski people, I need to hire your machine for 1 hour, here is the money.
  • Have you used jet ski before, and can you swim?
  • Yes and yes (oops a lie).
  • Put the life jacket on, here is the button to start, put this on your wrist, here is the stop button, go slowly here, then full power after the inflated flamingo, off you go.

However imagine the same situation if you are disabled in any way, visible or less visible say due to spine injury etc. Hiring jet ski for an hour is not happening, even if you really lie awesomely, even if you are capable of driving it well, the company hiring it will not be adapted or insured to do it, nor will the equipment. And you don’t want to risk your health.

But you really want to feel the speed, freedom, the wind (ha ha and not from the air-con!), get the confidence booster, what shall you do? You even convinced your mum (or your protective partner) for some adrenaline kick activity! Of course you know I will say this, the answer is speak to Aerobility charity.

Here is what Aerobility do:

  • Based in UK, Blackbushe, with 25 years of experience. Operates in other areas of UK too.
  • Offer various flight opportunities from ground classroom and exams to simulators sessions, trial flights, pilot license and more.
  • As long as you can move something, you can fly. Plus is at fraction of costs.
  • The support is always welcomed! Want to do something out of box? Visit Aerobility at

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