disneyland paris alessandra minko blogger

Disneyland Paris … do you believe in magic?

disneyland paris alessandra minko blogger


Mr B and I have arrived to Disneyland Paris around May time. (With tiny bit of research, equipped with phone app and some tips about best rides). The queue to get through the gate was pretty big, 40 minutes… But the magic starts as soon as you speak to person searching your bag, the welcome is really warm, especially when you are rocking the Minnie outfit, like myself 😛 Mr B is very task orientated so as soon as we went through the first gate we headed towards the main castle, the one you see on all the logos or Disney movies intros. It was hilarious but the way Mr B sightsees is pretty much “running”. I think he would be perfect person to be inside of Call of Duty game, if it existed in real life. However the way I sightsee is: oh, ah, wow, look at this, look at that, that is so pretty, omg how is that so pink, let me take a selfie, say hello to the camera, and so on 😀 Sorry I am side tracking, back to Disneyland story!

The best thing about Disneyland is that once you are inside, every ride is free, you can spend all day on one ride if you wish so, just go back to the queue and start again. This is something I actually didn’t know before, even if to others it may seem quite obvious! The minus to Disneyland goes for their … food, I think they are missing fresh cakes (such as the ones you can get in Costa or coffee shops and of course Krispy Kreme donuts!!) and fresh healthy snacks such as the ones you can get in Pret A Manger. I’m sure Walt would be on my side with this.

Ah and also about the phone app – it has the map of Disneyland and allows you to see the current waiting time for each ride, this is very useful. About the accommodation – you can stay at Disney, but we stayed in central Paris and only visited Disneyland in 1 day, from around 9 to the end. OK so I think it will be a good idea to summarise what I loved the most, hopefully this will give you some inspiration for your visit:

  1. Balance of crazy and calm rides/entertainment, there is something for every age, you can spend time on tea cups, take pictures with Mickey Mouse, watch stunt driving show, visit Hollywood park or go for something more extreme like Rock n Roll high speed indoor coaster (Youtube that!) or Twilight Tower of Terror (more on this in a separate point, because it is so good ha ha).
  2. Beautiful scenery and music wherever you go. You really feel you are in another land, little blue streams, fountains, lights, American western style streets, pink colours everywhere, dressed up princesses, parks such as Alice in Wonderland, the castle / palace. Even when you queue for the Indiana Jones ride you can see lots of equipment from the movie set up around you, (such as a jeep, tent, sand, coins, etc.)
  3. 3D Ratatouille ride. OMG!! I loved it so much I could cry. You can see videos online however this is not even 1% of what you are experiencing. Mr B and me got on 3D glasses and got into a giant… tea cup. The tea cup goes up and down various levels of floors, spins, goes to the right, to the left, well basically everywhere. In front of you there is a massive screen like in cinema, and all the action evolves around you, as you are… the rat from the Ratatouille movie! When you are being chased around the kitchen, you really feel it, if the rat jumps down from the table on the floor (no idea how they did it) you fell your stomach goes up as if you were falling from something really high. The sound around you adds a lot too. This is the ride I would go back on for hours. Mr B however doesn’t like to spin at all, lol.
  4. The Twilight Tower of Terror. The crazy ride which gets your trust at the beginning and then after one minute you will never trust anyone again!! 😀 As I mentioned this needs a separate point, I loved it that much. Once you get into a building it is all like a haunted hotel, you wait at the reception, there are spider nets everywhere, and the tale says this ‘hotel’ has not been cleaned for years. After waiting at the reception you are transferred to a library and then to a basement and wait there outside of the door that look like a lift. In the meantime haunted voices of children and other ghosts are played in the background. I would say the wait was 5-10 minutes and you have enough time to start to freak out (I had no idea what the ride was about exactly), and even change your decision about participating. The lift door finally opens and you are told to take your seat and fasten seat belts LOL. At this point you start to think, oh wait hold on, so what kind of lift is this that you need seat belts at all??? There are approx. 30-40 seats in there and I was sitting in a row with Mr B and one other couple. The lift starts moving slowly  between floors, when it opens there is a screen in front of you, some ghost family visualisation, stars, etc. a bit scary but still quite nice to look at. As I not researched this ride, I thought maybe this is something like 3D Ratatouille ride, exciting and visual. But hell no, suddenly the lift drops through many floors and everyone screams, it stops for a second, and shoots up few floors, then down, and so on, you get the picture. At first drop I screamed with everyone else lol, I did also grab (quite firmly) leg of a girl sitting next to me and of Mr B. I think it was hilarious!! At one of the lift drops I saw my Minnie Mouse head band ears flying in the air above me, later it ended up on the couple next to us, despite the leg grab they handed it back to me at the end. There was a lot of lift drops, not just one or five, and it was fun but a bit scary too. I think I would go on it again if I had a bit of mental rest but Mr B got so exhausted we went to the car park and he slept in the car for about an hour, saying all the way to the car: never again. Aww, so cute, he loved it really 😉

After this adventure we had a little break in the car and I changed my outfit, yay! It was near dusk and sky was getting darker with coming rain. If you think Disneyland is magical at day, wait till you see it by night. Coming soon, in my next post.

If you have any questions about the trip and Paris let me know, also let me know if you have already been and what did you think of Tower of Terror, did you love it too? Or did something else steal your heart?

Kisses, Alessandra x

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what to wear to disneyland
Dumbo is one of my favourite childhood film. I loved his big soft ears and also my mum used to read me the Dumbo book <3 Many times 🙂

disneyland paris entrance

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Disneyland architecture.
disneyland paris buildings
Look at the sky!
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There is a queue to get this pic. There is actual water pouring over the umbrella so you will get a bit wet.

disneyland paris beautiful views

disneyland paris alice park

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Had to take this pic, in front of me there is fairy tale like stream in turquoise colour. How amazing!!
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Pretty much my life everyday 😀 This is Alice in Wonderland themed park. I love Alice!!
disneyland paris bridge indiana jones
Everywhere you go there is a different scenery matching the rides nearby.
disneyland paris indiana jones ride
Indiana Jones ride, queued there for 60 mins, better to go somewhere else and come back when less busy!! (use app to check waiting time)
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Pirates of Caribbean (was closed boo)

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Queueing to Indiana Jones ride

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