trolltunga hike in norway

Trolltunga hike in Norway

trolltunga hike in norway

Trolltunga hike in Norway

Hike to Trolltunga was Kinga’s idea and as it sounded like a good adventure we just tagged along. Even though she did tell us lots of details we didn’t listen until probably last few days before the trip to Norway, we went mental on our Wassup group with asking her questions, what to wear, what the route looks like, how long will it take, what is the distance, we were like ‘WTF 28km??’, what about the food, how much money do we need, how to get to the mountain, what are the best hiking shoes, or should we get boots? what if it rains. Then I started reading other blogs to get more info, and they mentioned this is a challenging hike, doable for not experienced hikers however still dangerous and not recommended in case of the bad weather. I must say that even though I train regularly at the gym this was new type of exercise for me, to sum it up: majority of time your foot is never flat on the ground, if you are not climbing then you have various shaped stones small and big which you step on, so by the end of the day you ankles are quite weak as they do a lot of work. It’s crazy not to wear hiking shoes (I had boots), because the sole on these has a good grip PLUS is thick, by the end of the day my feet were so sore that I could feel the stones with every step, so imaging if you just wore Nike trainers or any other trainers. Just a good advice, do not do it lol! We did see few brave people wearing these! OK so it’s approx. 13-14 km each way, way back is the same as the way you came from, however it’s not like for the first 5 hours you are just climbing up and then when you go back you just go down and it is easier…. because it is up and down both ways, and when you are going back there may be less climbing however as I mentioned due to your ankles being weak going down is not actually that welcomed. The whole climbing thing reminds me of doing walking lounges in upwards position, most of the time! But don’t let me put you off.

Quite often you are climbing close to the edges, some are high and although there are not many accidents there the falls could end very bad.

We left the hostel around 6.30 and there was a bus stop outside, I think we started our hike around 7.30. It was cold but sunny and we were quite lucky as most of other days we were in Norway was raining. I don’t think it would be wise to hike there in rain, once due to visibility, two it would be very muddy and slippery on the rocks. We did hike in the fog and mud other mountain – Ulriken, but this was only 13km in total and not as high. There was so many people going it’s crazy. It’s easy to follow the route even if there are no other people trekking because there are lots of signs. The views are breath-taking and pictures don’t really show how big and high everything in the background is. It’s really important to start in the morning as you need to make it back before the dark, also last coach leaves around 7, you can get taxi later but if your phone dies or don’t have reception you may be in trouble, also climbing down in the dark would require good equipment – and ideally a torch on your head! and also it will take you much longer plus you may get lost, and you will miss all the views 😀

Food – we had some breakfast at the hotel and then took snacks and water with us, you are there for the whole day so think what would normally fill you up, for me this was protein bars, almonds, nuts, 2 sandwiches, banana and dark chocolate. I had small bottle of water which I filled up from the streams, as apparently it’s OK to drink.

Clothes – most of my clothes were The North Face because I’m a sucker for fashion and also most were waterproof, I had trekking boots, trousers, breathable top, sports bra, thin waterproof jumper, jacket (both in my bag as I was a bit ill and felt too hot), backpack, 62 Six Deuce leggings to change, thick socks and 1 pair for change. Trekking shoes AND SOCKS are your most important investment for this trip. Kinga told us to wear shoes for long walks as a practice before we hike Trolltunga but I didn’t get a chance to do it, and my North Face boots did quite a good job.

Other equipment – head torch and spare batteries, this is not expensive but useful in case of problems and if you get stuck in the mountains for the night (for example due to slip and twisting your ankle, or worse breaking your leg, you will not be able to walk down the mountain!). I also had emergency blanket, which was also cheap and really small when folded, in case of problems this would protect you a bit from wind or cold. Sunglasses, lip balm, sun cream, gloves, plasters, wet wipes, Go-Pro camera. Didn’t need most of these and didn’t eat all the food but it wasn’t heavy so all good. Phone on the airplane mode most of the time is a good idea, also I didn’t always have the reception, but thanks to plane mode I was able to take photos all day and still have good battery levels when we got to the return coach.

Weird thing – we haven’t seen any animals, not even sound of a bird!

Trolltunga itself, the famous cliff from postcards and paintings, not easy to admit but we queued for 3 hours just to take the picture, believe it or not ha! 😀 We did it because the weather was nice, we still had time and also we didn’t realise it will be 3 hours 😀 I had no idea that so many people even will be there as on all the photos that you see online you can’t see the massive queue on the left, just the Trolltunga 🙂 Interestingly the cliff behind the Trolltunga which you didn’t have to queue to had better views… (the first photo in this post). The views are amazing, it is really super high and quite scary on the cliff, people are sitting on the edge even though this is of course not allowed. They also did get more confident within minutes of being close to the edge and because the crowd was quite big there was lots of showing off. For the photo people were doing yoga poses, someone run naked, there was a baby photo shoot, scared dog photo shoot, proposal! Really fun 🙂 In order to get a good photo of the whole Trolltunga you need to ask someone in the queue to take photo of you, estimate that it needs to be someone who is approx. 40 mins away from their turn for photo. You just have to trust them with your phone lol, or split into a group.

Meditation – this was the best meditation I did in my life, the mind cannot focus on more than 1 thing at once, because hiking required a lot of focus, my mind had amazing rest, I felt so relaxed when I got back to UK it is unreal.

The thought of the trip – The closer you get to the edge the more scary it is but the longer you stay at the edge the braver you get, the more you want! Interesting 😉 

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