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Allured by … Wonder Woman / Diana Prince.  Several of my friends already told me they are the Wonder Woman. And then Mr B has asked me, so who do you think, out of your all friends, would make the best Wonder Woman? :D…. I’m like hold on, I’m the brunette in our crew, and I go to the gym, in my head I already can do superman push-ups, plus I would definitely  go to the war. Why you ask? 😛

This is what Gal Gadot herself (actress) says about superhero Diana Prince: “She’s relatable. She has the heart of a human and is very compassionate, but her experiences – or lack of them, her naivete, really – make her interested in everything around her and able to view the world in a way that we’d all like to: with a genuine curiosity. (…) Diana is a very opinionated girl. When (she) comes to the real world she’s completely oblivious about gender and society rules, that women are not equal to men.”

It’s fascinating, because people are so different, yet many of them see Diana in themselves. My explanation to this is that what you see in Wonder Woman is probably unique and different to what I saw. And this ‘thing’ that you saw, exists somewhere in you, maybe deep down and you don’t actually show it to others. That’s why when you watched the movie, in certain scenes you felt your heart longed for something. I’m guessing this but don’t we all want to give our life a meaning, stand for something and at the same time love, have fun, passion, stay curious and see the beauty in small things? (I just loved the snow scene).

What’s in your head, your dreams, plans, your picture of ‘future you’ is what’s possible to you. Don’t let those things just stay in your head. If your close friends still think you are not a Wonder Woman, then are you reaching your full potential?….


Superhero wonderwoman pink coat

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