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Ralph Lauren and the English style

Ralph Lauren England

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Ralph Lauren England

For a while I thought Ralph Lauren was a British brand, similar to Burberry. However I learned it is actually American. The reason I got confused is that they have what Mr B calls them a horse riding outfits and a lots of elegant brown and beige pieces, similarly to English Burberry. The ranges of clothes they are selling are from casual to luxurious, up to several thousand of pounds (things like leather or cashmere). RL similarly to Burberry has its outlets in UK, which allows you to have a piece of them for a little less. RL outlet quality is not so amazing, most of handbags are good but clothes less so actually. In a way it is not good as it lowers the standard the brand works for and makes it accessible to too many people. This means they are not seen, at least not in UK, as too exclusive brand. I personally would prefer it to be a bit more exclusive because I like some of the bags, shoes or dresses they have 😀 In UK so many people wear Ralph Lauren polo tops or sweaters, just because the outlet prices are so low.

Focusing on the positive what I would recommend most from the Ralph Lauren collections for women are: boots, handbags, work style blouses, some blazers, dresses. In general the work wear is best 🙂 Also the stuff for little girls is adorable! <3

Ralph Lauren England

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