jet ski safari

Jet ski safari in Santorini


jet ski safari

Jet ski safari fun 3 hours ... when swimming is not your thing.

Jet ski safari fun day when swimming is not your thing, I mean by that when you (i.e. me) can't swim at all. So back to Greek waters, here we are going on 3 hours jet ski safari, me being a passenger sitting behind Mr B. In short for some reason I never had any swimming classes as a little girl and as a big girl I keep avoiding learning this cool skill. Mr B tried to teach me getting used to having my head under the water, literally. (He asked me to sit on the bottom of the pool and held my head so I can stay under the water as long as possible. Hmm I didn't learn to swim that day!) So back to the jet ski safari day. Using our quad bike we arrived from our villa to the beach, waited for a bit under the straw umbrella (selfie time) got our gear and jumped onto the jet ski. The gear was a life vest, case for the phone and some bottled water. The way safari works is that a boat goes in the front showing everyone the way and all jet skis are lined up behind it. You go quite far into the sea and there are waves from various sides due to usual water current, also from other jet skis and the water. We were advised not to go too close to each other in case we fall so other jet ski doesn't 'run you over'. Being at the back is a nightmare for a non swimmer ha ha. This is because your vision is not as good so you don't always know what is coming, we jumped through some weaves meaning I was kind of standing up but all I was holding on to was Mr B waist/vest (it would help if vests had hand holders for a good grip, but instead I was just hugging him), the jet ski got more and more slippery with every jump or wave, and my grip was getting weaker and weaker. Although I was holding on so tight my nickname cockroach got stuck even more after this holiday. jet ski safari I was getting more stressed out that I fall into the water. OK I had the life jacket on but this is still scary for someone who can't swim and position correctly in the (deep) water. The jet ski safari was 3 hours, so after a bit I decided the stress is over and I want to get on the boat, so I did. We stopped around some nice Greek coasts and guys were doing the snorkeling. When we got to the shore I decided not to do the safari until I can swim, and that next time I'm definitely driving the jet ski. jet ski safari jet ski safari jet ski safari jet ski safari OK so the last pic is showing me giving up on the jet ski safari, getting on the boat with the tour guides, oh well - it was still fun 🙂 Till next time xx

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