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6 pretty unusual health tips

health tips

Health tips: 6 of the pretty unusual ones…

Due to online information overload I decided to come up with my main 6 health tips that I would recommend to myself if I could go back in time before I tested EVERYTHING! Of course you are welcomed to use them 😛

So here come my 6 pretty unusual health tips!

1. Sleep well and have dreams – I believe that well rested brain is one of health ingredients and well rested brain has dreams. Many adults I spoke to don’t have dreams (I mean those that play when you sleep). My best dreams happened when I went on holiday to Cambodia, spent time in nature, ate mostly healthy and had many hours of relaxation and yoga during the day. In order to allow brain to slow down and have dreams limit distractions and simulations in the evening (technology, light from screens, TV, news, food, coffee, alcohol, arguments, loud and fast music, some crazy books, games, can you see in little children how they cry when too much happens during the day or week? Same applies to everyone else) instead go for an evening walk even in the rain, have nice home spa using relaxing oils, play delicate music (or nature sounds or none), light relaxing candles, breath slowly, pretty much create romantic looking scenery 🙂 Another thing that I discovered this month, intermittent fasting brings sleep back even if you have lots of other stress. Why is that? You are taking away the ‘stress’ of metabolising food in the evening. My last meal was around 1pm and as soon as I closed my eyes I already saw ‘pictures’, I slowly relaxed and fallen asleep and every single night without a fail I had interesting dreams! 

2. Physical relaxation will relax you mentally – sometimes you just can’t switch off the brain, you are master of over thinking even if you really don’t want to! What I tested and found worked for me was walking, stretching, even light exercise, all this releases tension from muscles, and in turn your whole body gradually relaxes, i.e. your brain gets benefits of this and slows down. (in a good way 😛 )

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More health tips:

3. We are like machines, of course our internal processes are complicated, but sometimes we over complicate them even more. Many illnesses in the body come from small lacks of ‘something’ in certain areas, such as dehydration, even lack of one vitamin can mess many things up. Think of yourself like a good car, for best performance start with the basics, ensure you get the best fuel, oil (actually I mean oil literally) and some water, have regular maintenance (spa, physio, massage) and park in the garage from time to time (sleep and dream, see point 1).

4. Eat when you are hungry, don’t over drink fluids either (perhaps this can happen because of the advertising campaigns), follow what dogs do and drink when you feel like it. Eating and drinking in pattern your body tells you to do it will allow to synchronise more with your body’s needs. Stopping over eating will take away the stress and in turn will have a positive effect on your health. Stress is a bad boy! (in a bad way).

Some more health tips (sorry damn key word count…)

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5. Your thoughts are part of the health success. Imagine miserable weather and miserable mood, a little bit of cold and you feel more and more poorly, you actually start thinking about going under the duvet and forgetting about work, feel sorry for yourself and wait for someone to serve the comfort food, hot soup, maybe chocolate and cake, etc. Now imagine the same situation, you feel you are getting a bit of cold, but your next month starting today is planned amazingly exciting, you have a month off and your friends are picking you up in 1 hour in a helicopter, which will fly to Paris, the weather is amazing and you are packed and ready to go. The cold will still be there but you probably won’t give in to it and with the distractions and happy mood it will pass much quicker, you will probably support it with healthy eating and not sugar, Btw sugar lowers immune system for several hours!

6. Move – the whole world is moving around us in slow motion, in order to stay healthy keep yourself in motion, stable and regular is much better than occasional ‘go all in’, for general health I would recommend regular slow activities as a part of routine, and then any extras are up to you, such as weight, cardio etc. (tai chi, yoga, dog walking, dog playing, walking, stretching, dancing – not pro just for fun, belly dancing, hula hooping).

That’s all for today, let me know if you enjoyed my 6 health tips and if you can think of any others that are quite unusual! Kisses xx

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