Mind your own Bambi horse

Mind your own Bambi

bambi carousel

  • I was riding (Bambi) horses on the carousel with my 2,5 years old niece Princess A and we were having fun, taking selfies and giggling (as you do when you 2.5 and 30 y o)
  • Then she wanted to stay for the second round, and all the children on the ride have changed to the new ones. A girl probably twice the age of Princess A sat on the pink Bambi in front of us. She had long blond hair and was wearing leopard coat. Princess A looked down on her horse and then started ‘scanning’ the new girl.
  • She was definitely comparing her ice blue horse to pink Bambi and her smile was immediately gone. In my head I ironically laughed and thought ‘wow does it really start at that age already?!’ The same instant I decided to stop Princess A from doing the same mistake as most humans do, and started tickling her and stroking her horse. I got her distracted 😀
  • And then she copied me in stroking her ‘good-boy’ Bambi/horse. We went back to having fun. If you were born a rose you can’t be a tulip or a palm tree, or if you are a Labrador you can be a German Shepherd, just be the best lab you can be.
  • We are the way we are, notice how quickly your energy / mood level goes down if you compare yourself to others. Your mind doesn’t like you challenging its ‘greatness’ or ‘individuality’ and you can feel the bad vibes straight away. But also it works both ways – you can raise your energy focusing on something double positive 😀
  • To this I think the best advice I can think of is distract yourself and have fun with the toys you got. If you choose to improve or change, of course do so over time, but don’t let the bad thoughts take away your current sparkle.

Horse carousel ride funfair

bambi horse carousel


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