holiday exercise view in santorini

Holiday exercise – enjoy yourself and stay fit

holiday exercise santorini

Holiday exercise – enjoy yourself and stay fit at the same time

I always promise myself to include holiday exercise while I’m away, and even pack my gym outfit, I may even attempt to stick to working outfit for a day or two, but you probably guessed how it ends….

So to stay fit on holiday here are  few tips from me to me. I work, look and feel best when I have long relaxing breakfast and move a lot during the day. Therefore, based on this the best 2 tips I can give to myself is to have a long, relaxing breakfast and move a lot during the day. Lol 🙂 (to stay fit on holiday and actually in general too)

  1. Skip a meal, or have a rule not to eat past 6 or 7 (but this can’t mean you eat a tonne at 6:59) – or have longer breaks between meals and snacks, even 4-5 hours, drink water but without forcing yourself (post coming soon on this actually!) and only eat when you feel hungry.
  2. Get in some activity during the day, from experience I can’t force myself to gym, but walking is easier, and I walk as much as I can. Uneven ground is best, up the hill, down the hill and stairs are perfect.

I still had alcohol, ice creams during the day, sometimes deserts and sweet breakfast (see the example).

holiday exercise view in santorini

Here are some other pics proving I walk the talk he he. I think for me the important thing was to find beige or light peach trainers that will go with most of my outfits and allow me to still look chick 😛 (hey, every motivation counts). By the way it was very hot so this makes walking even more challenging, meaning you need less of it 😉 Sometimes we were actually walking until we were hungry and that way you know you are not over eating and that your body will actually use the food for fuel.

Resting and a pic after lots of stairs (lots of stairs obviously count as holiday exercise):

holiday exercise

Let’s have 2, why not 🙂

holiday exercise in santorini

This is probably few days later, my tan is not adjusted on the filters, it was real! And it was the SICKEST tan I ever had 😀

uk fitness blogger in santorini

By the way, this is actually a skort, not a skirt 🙂 (for men – i.e. shorts with a bit of extra material, that make it look like a mini skirt). Anyways, look at the view behind me <3

holiday excercise santorini london blogger

Holiday exercise in cute psycho bodysuit was actually purchased in Santorini, had to!

santorini excercise holiday

Going out in the evening, wearing my comfy peach trainers and River Island play-suit. I think it’s the best play-suit I had so far.

santorini evening exercise on holiday

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