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Victoria’s Secret London store


Victorias Secret London store

Victoria’s Secret London store is on of the most pleasant shopping experiences in London. VS as a brand has got a happy vibe, and that is what you can also expect when you visit the store. Most people working there are smiling and very welcoming, and don’t judge your outfit from top to bottom, they will quite often be wishing you to ‘have fun’, as this is what Victoria’s Secret London is all about. When you go to the changing room no one is counting how many items you take with you, there is actually no limit, like in other shops, you can also take your best friend to the changing room with you for some cool snaps. The changing rooms are super cute, pink of course, and look good on the photos! In London store, you can also book your own VIP room if you are in a mood for princess like shopping experience. Although the queues are sometimes massive, you are not rushed to try your items on quickly, you get your name on the changing room waiting list and relax on the pink sofas ๐Ÿ™‚

What I also like about arriving at Victoria’s Secret London store is the heavenly smell of VS vibe (it must be their own VS air re-freshener) and all tested perfumes! General interior design is also fabulous,ย you can see some of the details on my 3 photos from the store:

  1. 1st pic – diamante like glass details (staircase and barriers), many photos of the VS models on the wall, and wait for it – some of them are moving, not straight away actually, and it reminds me of Harry Potter movie, this is just my favourite thing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ There are also big screens playing videos from fashion shows, you can see one behind me on the 1st pic.
  2. 2nd pic – VS hangers and black shiny drawers withย lingerie set in a perfect order (girls and boys I dunno how you do it!)
  3. 3rd pic – of course the famous logo above the entrance, and big chandeliers in every ‘main room’. I deleted this pic but underneath the chandelier there is also usually a center piece with wings or outfit from the show! Around the store you can also see outfits from the show, with a description of who wore it. And of course pretty shopping bags. No details are missed here.

Things worth buying in Victoria’s Secret London and why:

  • lingerie sets of course, however bras are from my experience 99% perfect and amazing quality, the bottoms not always, or if you are after matching set you can always get it – there could be similar design bottoms but not exactly the same… Both VS and VS Pink are great for bras. If you like push-ups then you can get some crazy boost with some of the models. There are some sets that are quite expensive, usually appeared on the runway and have diamante on them, like the one below.
  • fun bottoms – I think this promo is always there 5 pairs for 25gbp, mostly on VS Pink, but these are good quality and always have fun prints, from g-strings to boxers, whatever your style.
  • sporty – VS sport is most expensive but 99% is very good quality, sport bras are super supportive if that’s what you’re after. VS Pink sport – leggings are usually great, but tops, shorts and jumpers – not always worth the price, as material seems a bit cheap and won’t last many washes ๐Ÿ˜€ leggings are on average 65gbp and usually true to the size (I wear M at VS Sport and S at VS Pink)
  • perfumes – these smell amazing and have great bottle designs, although I tried many and none of these last long, but they still have cool designs and will look nice as a decoration. Body mists and body lotions always smell great, and some body mists are actually quite strong. Body lotions – I never got one that actually moisturised the body ๐Ÿ˜› so I use them to give extra smell to my skin – I think my friend Pati is on the same page!
  • lip glosses – really good and last long especially the ones plumping the lips.
  • x-mas – everything Christmas is a must have – pyjamas, sexy camis, fluffy slippers, slogan tops, Angel cosy gowns, did I miss anything?!

What I don’t like is the staff in other shops than Victoria’s Secret London who follow you and give you their name all the time, I know it’s all for commission, as they ask you at the till who helped you, but sometimes it is a bit too much, and girls just fight to give you their name even if they haven’t spoke to you but just saw you have a full basket ๐Ÿ˜€ London is better as there is soooo many people visiting the shop you are not being chased by the staff ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah and have a glass of wine with your bestie before you go, it is more fun. We also go for nice lunch after and some champagne to celebrate the purchases. LOL – you need to enjoy the little things in life. Kisses – Alessandra xxx

Victorias Secret London

VS London
Happy bunny after VS shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

London shopping at Victorias Secret store

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