Pronoia, can everything be on your side?


Pronoia happens when you think the word conspires to do you good. ‘It’s the happy opposite of paranoia’. Waking up with the pronoia attitude, could look like this for the whole day:

I overslept again. Pronoia attitude: I will be late for work, but my body needed that extra hour of recovery sleep.

I got stuck in traffic. Pronoia: Great I can chill after work and listen to my favourite tunes for a bit longer.

I missed a train, the next one is in 1 hour! Well, think who you could call or what things you can catch up on, email, photo editing etc.

My plane is delayed by 9 hours. The 400 quid compensation will pay for my next flight to Dubai and a hot air balloon flight on the desert which I always wanted to do.

I didn’t pass the interview for this job. This is my chance to revisit my motivation, did I really want this job, and if yes great… When I turn up here next time they will be amazed with the amount of extra research I will now do. Maybe a better role will come up for me.

This diet went so bad. But I know so much more know and can use this knowledge to form a better strategy for next weeks to come, it may be even useful to my my family if they wish to learn anything from me.

I think it’s cute and you should try it sometime as it really works. Whenever you think something went bad, challenge yourself to think of 3 different ways it is actually a good turn of events.

It makes your day so much more positive, raises your energy and in a longer term it will make you focus on good stuff.

Ps. ‘pronoia’ is an idea from book ‘The Sell’ by Fredrik Eklund which I loved reading!



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