caramel latte marshmallow ideal cheat meal

Cheat meal – a guide to heaven

Cheat meal

caramel latte marshmallow ideal cheat meal

This is everyone’s favourite topic – the cheat meal! 😀

If you are following strict diet, normal diet or just eating healthy it is a good idea to incorporate a cheat meal, say once a week. If you just started with new regimen try sticking to it for 2-3 weeks as much as you can and then introduce cheat meals. Why are those meals important (in my opinion – but I’m sure you will agree):

Cheat meals allow you to stay sane, on track, to guide you – what you craving the most may be the thing missing in your ‘too strict’ diet such as fat or carbs, help you with motivation, allow you to have fun and enjoy little things. Introduced the right way (i.e. as a cheat meal and not a cheat day or cheat week!) can improve your mood and raise energy (FUN), so this must be a good thing to your immune system.

So far what worked for me best are the following cheat meal points, this is based on trail and lots of errors!! 😀

cheat meal with friends

  1. Plan your cheat meal. For example every Monday evening, this will make Mondays more exciting too. Of course any other day is fine. Ask yourself on the day: what is it that I would really enjoy eating today?
  2. Make it an ‘event’. Go to the shop to get the ingredients on the day, meet up with friend to have a little feast together in a café, restaurant or at home.
  3. Prepare it yourself. Don’t always go for the easy option straight from the shop, make some effort to make the meal or dessert yourself. Bake a cake, home made pizza etc. In this case you will also eat more fresh and have option to make it healthier.
  4. Red wine is always a good idea.
  5. Stick to the plan. I.e. to your chosen day and meal.
  6. Don’t skip meals. On the day of cheat meal and a day following the cheat meal don’t try to compensate by eating less. This will only mess your motivation up and you may end up eating more calories in the following days. By all means you can have lighter meals like soups and salads, little less carbs or fat, this will help your digestive system, but still try to eat normal size meals and stick to your usual time of eating.
  7. Don’t use cheat meals as a way of dealing with stress. Exercise, meditation, time with friends, sleep, book, bath or hugs are much more efficient! (And calorie free).

cheat meal

cheat meal heaven

On the pics you can see my beautiful niece Juliet, caramel iced latte with marshmallows and cream, chocolate tiffin and something else probably also with caramel. We overdid a bit on the sugar … oops, but had so much fun sitting by the English sea in cold wind 😛 taking those pics and enjoying every bite and sip! As Anita Moorjani says what is the meaning of life, i.e. Why are we here? ‘ To eat chocolate, of course. Why else?’

Do you use any of these tips yourself?? Are there any that I missed and you think are great, let me know!

Kisses, Alessandra x


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