disneyland paris by night

Disneyland Paris. Even more beautiful by night!

disneyland paris night
Hiding from the rain for the photo! We were lucky to have a beautiful sunshine for most of the day.

Disneyland Paris

Hello and welcome to our evening in Disneyland Paris. If you are new here, go back to my previous post and see how the Disneyland Paris presents itself by day too! As my sis says there is no bad weather just bad clothing, so for the evening I had a back up outfit with a hoodie, and Mr B just his hair, as he likes to do his own thing, little rebel – no umbrella and no hoodie 😛 The rain was not a problem, in fact we had more fun, skipping from one building to another, from one ride to another, we looked around the shops too, jumped over the puddles, chased each other… in fact the magic of Disneyland gets to you so you start acting like a kiddo.

The ride that we did around the sunset time, just after it started to rain was 3D Ratatouille ride (see my previous post) and after this we just enjoyed the surroundings and waited for the end, i.e. the famous evening lights show. I think this is the biggest highlight of the Disneyland Paris.

The lights show is done on the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It was raining and everyone gathered around the castle with umbrellas waiting for the show to start. The bad weather may mean cancellation, but we were lucky and show went ahead. I didn’t expect that but what we saw was so beautiful that it made you feel so excited but peaceful at the same time, and of course – amazed. The lasers and fireworks light up the castle, the music and singing is very loud and you see Disney stories projected on the castle. Again look on Disneyland Paris page too as I was enjoying the show and not took too many pics 😛 I loved The Lion King story the most!

So imagine if we were so excited to see it then the smile of kids’ face must be priceless (although the show is at night so some little children were asleep).


disneyland night show light
By this time it was already raining so my phone camera found it difficult to focus, but still – this looks breath taking! The stars and colours on the palace are Disneyland people playing with the lights 😀 Pretty a w e s o m e.

disneyland paris by night

disneyland couple goals paris
Mr B doesn’t like the pictures. So hopefully he is not reading my blog that often and may miss this one. Here we were just waiting for the light show to start.
disney by night
Rainy afternoon in Disneyland Paris.
disneyland 3d ride
Mr B and I trying to look badass. This is just after doing the 3D Ratatouille ride I wrote about in my previous post (must read). Absolute heaven for your senses and imagination!
disneyland palace
Disneyland Paris pink palace / castle.
disneyland night show fireworks
First row is a bit dark – this is a huge number of people holding umbrellas. Not even rain can scare anyone off from the amazing lights show.

disneyland by night

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