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Is clean eating a bad idea?

clean eating


Clean eating, aka the clean diet may not always be good for you as it may not provide all the stuff that your body needs. The general assumption of clean eating is often: no or little fat, no sugar, no gluten, no carbs, no alcohol, vegetarian, vegan or at least 1 of these. Clean eating however should mean that you eat as natural as you can, ideally even as per your blood type group (another topic to cover yay), avoiding mainly processed (or at least highly processed) food, eating majority of your food in ‘whole form’. Anything that is no longer in the original form is defined as processed (smoked, cut, baked etc). And the main thing to consider when eating clean is to eat something that has as little bad ingredients added as possible.

Lots of foods are slightly processed and that is somewhat OK, for example red wine (it used to be grapes), cheese (it used to be milk), fruit salad (it used to be a whole fruit). The ones on top of the ‘to avoid/limit’ list are fast foods, ready meals, cakes and anything that has extra sugar and hydrogenated or trans fat added.

Example of strict clean eating gone wrong:

My ‘healthy diet’ from online coach was at one point only 60grams of fat daily and I did count it all, egg yolks or fat in the porridge or in fish. As a result of eating that way every day + heavy training after 60 days I threw myself in 1 go into 4 salmon sandwiches, 2 eggs, salmon fillet and half jar of peanut butter. I know some people have bigger and naughtier cheat meals than that but to me this was a disaster and as I learnt later a lesson that you should listen to signs that your food control system gives you, mine was definitely low on fat. The other craving that I came across later was cheese and brown bread!

Why am I showing you pics of wine and pizza? 😉 I believe that in order to stay sane you have to eat the things that you enjoy. Because these things contribute to your happiness which for me means they also contribute to your health. Moderation is the word you are looking for 😀

Other thing to note is that now you can buy quite a lot of food that is prepared for you, ‘fresh’ juices, mashed potatoes, cut vegetable or fruit, milled nuts and seeds. The skin on food is there for a reason, once you open fruit or vegetable its antioxidants react to oxygen, this mainly applies to vitamin C, A and E. That’s why it is best to cut these just before you eat or at least on the same day. Otherwise you are providing very low nutritional value to your body which already may be quite low (for example if vegetables grew in soil that is not of good quality).

Kiss xx

Ps. My dad said once that when you get to your grave you can’t be too healthy, you need to be able to say ‘wow it was worth it’! 😀

Clean eating and processed food

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clean eating pizza cheese and wine processed food

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