Pre-menstrual syndrome or just a bitch?

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Pre-menstrual syndrome

Pre-menstrual syndrome, PMS article is a continuation of the part 1 I wrote here. Day by day I am explaining to you what happens in your body and what you can do to feel better, hmm I would even say – normal! And don’t worry you are not really a bitch, the hormones can drive you and those around you crazy, but this only happens when they are out of balance. Patience, good food and movement will help you to balance these little bad boys.

While I was testing it for months Mr B often kept saying ‘Oh I know why you are so crazy today!! It’s your hormones / period / week before period!!’ etc, I swear to you Mr B is a brave man, because hearing something like that when you are fighting with your hormones sets you on fire. But don’t worry Mr B is still OK and in 1 piece, and I used that as a way of practising instant meditation…

Last article was finished on Phase 3, which was ovulation, approximately day 14 of the cycle.

Phase 4

Day 15-20: Estrogen levels are still high, you feel heavier and body holds on to the water, metabolism SLOWS DOWN, however your mood is still nice. This is gradually changing as with each day your estrogen levels drop and same thing happens to the serotonin hormone levels. What is serotonin, this is hormone of happiness AND HUNGER CONTROL (have you ever cried when your tea spoon feel on the floor day or two before you came on, I know it’s hilarious! But not in Phase 4 or 5~!. You will gradually have more pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms, especially if you don’t stick to the healthy food.

Phase 5

Day 21-28 (or more depending on how long the cycle is): estrogen levels fall drastically, you may sleep better but hold more and more water, low or very low mood possible, pain, not feeling like you


What to eat and do: this is for both phases 4&5. Eat low calories, fish, brown rice, brown pasta, whole grains, low sugar fruits, few nuts, vegetables will help you control sugar, in case of sugar cravings eat dried fruit. Hunger is better controlled when you combine complex carbohydrates with protein, but again – focus on low calories protein.

Avoid: stress, also in the form of FOOD. High calories, difficult to digest and anything that spikes your sugar up is going to make you feel worse, you don’t have to wait long, you may see the bad effects within hours! However to calm down you may need more than a day (ever had a chocolate or fast food feat and felt tired the next day, yep the effects stay with you longer than the fun moments).



pre-menstrual syndrome pms

Interesting facts:

  • Estrogen and progesterone are hormones that ideally should stay in balance, when decreases the other takes over, so if in last 2 weeks of the cycle estrogen levels gradually decrease that means the progesterone increases. And then what happens? – high progesterone makes it more difficult for various vitamins to get absorbed, the ones that suffer most are vitamins from B group. Make sure you supply these from your food, do some research to understand where you can find these, but it will be for example whole grains, meat and various nuts.
  • Another thing to remember is coffee and alcohol may also increase your PMS symptoms!! Coffee spikes your sugar up, stimulates you, gives you a kick, an adrenaline rush, but guess what your body is already getting a kick from your hormones, and this is just making it more stressed out.

Girl boss, it’s all up to you now 🙂

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