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How getting up early can improve your mood. Yes.

Improve mood – by getting up early. Yes, it’s possible 😉

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Improve mood by getting up early…

How getting up early can improve your mood? By nature we are a ‘morning person’, we are built in a way that allows us to get up without the alarm clock, as soon as the sun rises. If we listened to our body then we would naturally go to sleep when we were tired and got up early. One of interesting facts is that when you are on a longer term fast (at least few days) then your body restarts many of its basic functions. One of them is sleep. For example just after few days of water fast you start getting up early, without alarm clock and very energised. No food, no coffee 😉 Even though everything around us is evolving our basic nature stays the same, we feel much better going to bed when we are tired/gets dark and getting up with the sun. It does make sense, as I don’t think it was wise to stay in bed for too long years ago, when you could have been attacked by animals or had to hunt for food.

If you enjoying sleeping for hours, then it’s fine, but I just wanted to share with you my trick (or rather morning treat) for improving mood with pretty cool routine, here it is, simple, step by step. Let me know if you had the courage to try it! 😀

  1. Decide what to wear next day – lay all your clothes, make-up, perfume, shoes ready for the morning, so you are not wasting your time running around. (10 minutes)
  2. Music – set up a playlist with something relaxing for point 2. SPA and then something energising for the rest. Play it when you wake up. (15 minutes)
  3. Morning SPA – have a warm bath, put face mask on, use your favourite peeling, shower gel and make sure you put heavenly smelling body lotion. I must recommend Body Shop or Victoria’s Secret here!! Paint your nails if you want to. Be aware of time but focus on the moment and enjoying yourself. (15 minutes)
  4. Hair and make-up – try to spend some more time in the morning, to prepare your best self for the day ahead, even if potentially nothing special is going to happen. Think of yourself as a gift to the world, make sure the gift wrapping is on point. If guys are reading this then if you are not into make-up do everything else you can. (30 minutes)
  5. Breakfast – make some awesome breakfast, something you would enjoy on holiday (skip champagne if you are working that day ha ha) or as a treat with girls/boys. My favourite would be scrambled eggs, toast, home made carrot juice, coffee, or chocolate croissant, porridge with fruit and coffee, OK alternatively pancakes. (10 minutes to make, buy everything day before)
  6. Eat slowly and read a book, write a journal, go through list of your dreams and goals or go for a short walk. (15-30 minutes). In autumn or winter put lots of warm lights on or light up the fireplace, it will feel super cosy.

Point 1 and 2 are done a day before. So your morning treatment will take you from 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 25 minutes. Usually everyone leaves this kind of special treatments for weekends or special occasion but why not make more days (especially those weekdays just before going to work) special? I promise you will not say ‘oh I so regret doing this and I also promise your day will be so much different. And for a change go to bed early that day too. Now, schedule a date in your calendar and treat yourself.

Alessandra xx

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