Vitamin D3, when brownie needs her blondie

vitamin d3


Vitamin D3 got more attention from me when my health started to do weird things. I was eating healthy, went to the gym etc but my hormones were going crazy, I started to be allergic to lots of foods, I was tired, de-motivated and had some ‘fascinating’ mood swings. Curiosity led me to doing my own research, even though my motivation voted for me to sleep all the time! After a while I stumbled upon D3 research by Dr. Michael Holic. Of course my symptoms could match many things, but instead of over complicating I started with exploring subject of vitamin D3 defficiency. It turned out that vitamin D3 goes well with the saying about blonde and brunette friends – ‘every blondie needs a brownie by her side’! And actually to be even more precise D3 is like engine oil in a car, you can still drive the car without the oil, but you are not getting far, and get ready to make some damage along the way.

No D3 by my side could mean a lot of trouble. I decided to check how vitamin D3 is doing in my body. I did 25 (OH) Vitamin D test at the laboratory. The result came out at 24 ng/ml. The scale form ‘norm’ was 30-100 of units however 30 is already very low, and ideally level should be brought back up to around 50-60.

Why good level of this hormone is required? Anyone who heard of it would probably know at least the fact it’s good for the bones, however it’s also responsible for muscle function (simple things such as eye twitching or cramps, you will hear people saying oh you need more magnesium or vitamin B, but do you?) and immune system (alergies, flu, or worse…). Low immune system is like a deep ocean and can mean different complications for different people, but cause is the same – D3 defficiency.

There is a lot of debate around this vitamin/hormone on the internet and get ready – it is controversial, however there is logic to it. There are some key points I want to highlight and you can see them in the next post. There are many doctors who are against Dr. Holic’s theories because what he says is revolutionary, and gives a simple solution to many diseases, perhaps too simple for some?? But just because many doctors are against D3 theories, it doesn’t mean those doctors are right, ever heard of times when many doctors thought the cure for stress was tobacco, cure for cough was heroine and cure for most things was just bloodletting? 🙂 Things always change and often that lone voice may be the one to change it all. The important thing to understand is that D3 does not cure diseases, however it allows the body to work in the correct way and do whatever it needs to do to get well.

If you are wondering why we even get D3 defficiency, just think how much more time we spend behind the glass, behind the walls and behind the sun creams? Leave the air-conditioned office and go outside.

OK, here it comes, in my simplistic language, things you should know as a basic! Click to the next post.

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