pre menstrual syndrome pms help

PMS worst case ever – fixed!

pre menstrual syndrome pms help

PMS, known also as Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS as a lighter version is just called Premenstrual Symptoms, this is few days or less of standard aches and pains. If the symptoms start to affect your daily life then they get a fancy name of ‘Syndrome’. My PMS made me feel so bad that I went to see my GP for it, of course they said there is nothing they can do, and that some girls are just like that. Then then same GP gave me few pages of printed out information they get from their GP-pedia which clearly said you CAN fix PMS. (please could you care a bit more lol!). I have never had pain like some of my friends that just had to be picked up from school by their parents or taken to hospital, so I’m not saying I tested fixing that, but I did fix the other symptoms.

Surprise, surprise in 80% it all comes down to diet. The cause of PMS is unknown however if diet can drastically improve the symptoms or make them go away completely then it leads me to believe that body is missing something that would otherwise allow it to stay calm and not have PMS at all. Because seriously I cannot imagine cave women living natural, healthy life and having mood swings 😀

But lets be serious, allow me to walk you through the end to end process and explain what happens on each of 28 days of your menstrual cycle, what you should eat and do. Don’t take my word for it, do it yourself, treat it as an experiment and just for a month stick to it 100%, why not, come on and do it, you will be surprised!!

Phase 1

Day 1-5: Your period starts on day 1 of the cycyle. Estrogen and progesterone levels gradually decrease, any swelling in your body also decreases. Low estrogen means metabolism speeds up and your strength comes back.

What to eat and do: Iron levels decrease due to bleeding, you may feel weak and sleepy, eating lean meat along with salad, cabbage, peppers etc as vitamin C contained in those vegetables helps iron to be absorbed, also kiwi and organges are a good idea.

Avoid: Too much of animal fat may cause stronger pain and hormonal inbalance hence lean meat is recommended.

Interesting fact: Although some coahes say this is a good week to have a break from the gym this is the week you will actually be the strongest, and also week after too. It is a good time to do heavier lifting, your metabolism is back to normal and you can focus more on booty building and not so much on cardio 🙂 Bonus!

Phase 2

Day 6-13: Estrogen level increases, hair is shinier, skin improves, your energy levels increase, you are kind of euphoric and unstoppable, this is a good time for doing things you have been procrastinating on before because you are the super girl now 😀

What to eat and do: Eat folic acid/vitamin B9 which you can find in dark green vegetables and meet such as liver.

Avoid: This phase may go sideways if you eat too much of artificial trans fats. 4 grams per day is already over the limit during those 7 days (actually this is very important to avoid trans fats within those days at least if you are trying to be pregnant). Which foods to avoid then? Crisps, cakes, biscuits, doughnuts, anything with icing. Better read this!

Interesting fact: if trans fat content in the product is less than 0.5g per serving then the manufacturers can list it as 0g on the label. The grams add up!

Phase 3

Day 14: Estrogen increases even more. This is the big day of ovulation when your senses such as vision, smell or taste increase. You are a savage in a ‘sexy’ mood and if you are negotiating anything that day you are going to win. You may also be hungry for everything, watch your sugar levels, diet from this day onwards is most important in keeping you sane.

What to eat and do: To keep insuline and hormones well balanced eat 3 portions of complex carbs such as brown bread, browd rice. Ovulation can also be disturbed by lack on vitamin D (sun, some oils and some dairy) and vitamin E (olive oil). I always feel like eating mozarella with tomatoes and olive oil around that day.

Avoid: Sugar, white bread and animal protein

Interesting fact: Your sense of smell is 10,000 stronger than normally especially to the scent of men. Your body temperature increases.

There are 2 more phases that I will cover in a separate post.

I found that when you start eating this way the body catches up quite quickly and you start to have ‘cravings’ for the right types of food, so maybe at the beggining it sounds like a experiment in laboratory but after few months this will become your second nature (actually this is your first nature!).

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So ready to say your goodbyes to PMS blues…. ?

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