Water fast diary, what to expect each day

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Water fast diary

Aloha! I have already explained some facts about water fast in my previous ‘water fast post’. But, for the curious ones, here are just some facts about what each day looked like.

WHAT HAPPENED DURING EACH DAY? Day by day, quick water fast diary below:

  1. Day 1 – within few hours of not eating the usual breakfast my metabolism slowed down, I was super mega cold (this is even worse when you have under-active thyroid), Mr B joined my fast out of curiosity and also he was worried about my experiment too, so this gave me opportunity to compare our results. He was also cold but not as much as me. On day 1 we both got headache, felt weak and had no energy. My smell sense improved so much, it was actually cool that body can do it (thinks you are not so good at finding food so is trying to help you), but annoying as I could smell what neighbours are having for dinner. In addition to this I had really fast pulse. In my head I wanted to eat, it’s a difficult habit to break, but I wasn’t really that hungry physically.
  2. Day 2 – this was Monday and I went to work, this is most challenging, with everyone around you eating and inviting you for coffee. I felt sick and my head was spinning. Very cold, drinking hot water helped for a while, other than that just a hot bath. Still had headache, fast pulse. Hunger starts going away, only the feeling that something is missing stays. Both dreamt about eating food on day 1 and 2. I’m so weak and have no energy or willpower even to lay down lol.
  3. Day 3 – stomach rumbling less than in first 2 days. Light headed still. Very smooth teeth, as if they were brand new 🙂 Veins on my legs are smoother. I had food allergy and on day 3 my stomach still was bloated! However I got up super early before work and started cleaning lol. Towards the evening I run out of energy so bed early. Mr B has much stronger headache but more energy. He explains this fast so far as feeling similar to hangover.
  4. Day 4 – Hangover, little hungry, bored, strength up and down, feeling a bit sick. My sense of smell weakens! Mr B sight improves. Guess we know who should be doing the hunting!
  5. Day 5 Feeling weak, head still spinning, eyes still good, smell weak, Mr B feels sick.
  6. Day 6-8 quite similar, bored, weak, so cold I’m thinking about stopping the fast as nothing is helping (I sat in faux fur parka outside in the sun, still cold).

Generally I was awake around 5 am and full of energy for a bit. Weight was going down every day (for me about 0.5-0.8kg a day, Mr B 1kg), but only at night, once when we slept less than 8 hours we didn’t burn as much weight! I stopped drinking coffee, didn’t need it anymore (3 months later I have forced myself to drink it and within 2-3 weeks started liking it again, interestingly it was awful for first 2 weeks, I only liked the smell, currently it’s easy for me not to drink coffee for few days and I drink it mainly socially, before I had to have 1-2 cappuccinos from Cosat or Starbucks a day. I was craving vegetables with butter and bacon and raw cake, Mr B really wanted lasagna and tomato soup.

I since did 4 day water fast and 4 day dry fast. Thanks to fasting I got rid of bacteria, hormone problems and food cravings. I can for example eat 1 a day and not feel hungry, where before my hands would shake if I didn’t eat for 2 hours. Mr B couldn’t talk to me until I ate something 😛 I can also do a heavy training without eating food, where before I would eat 30-60 mins before workout.

I think fasting teaches your body to use fat cells more that’s why you don’t feel hungry so often. There are lots of benefits and changes that your body goes through, and I would actually say it restarts some of the processes t what it used to do when it worked properly (probably to when you were a kid). I wouldn’t recommend fasting to someone who doesn’t have knowledge and experience in this area, do your research and start with short fast. You are already fasting during sleep, say for 8 hours, just add few extra hours to it and see how it goes.

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