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When bloating is no longer funny…

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When bloating is no longer funny…

Explaining bloating in a bit different way.

It become quite popular online recently to see all the fit girls posting pics of themselves in the morning with the flat stomach and then super bloated by the end of the day, or even after one meal. Then it makes everyone feel good about themselves and they think ‘Oh well, miss wonder-woman is bloated then it is OK’.It is not.

When you had too much to eat and your stomach just sticks out due to amount of food you put in, then yes, it is ‘kind of’ OK, as long as you don’t do it every day 😛 In this case your stomach can be still more or less sucked in and looks nearly flat. BUT – if you look a bit pregnant after most meals, even those smaller ones, your stomach becomes round and hard to touch, it’s nearly impossible to suck it in, especially the lower part of your abs, then you have a problem. Your body reacts to the bad things that happen to it, for example you smash your knee on the corner of the bed, you get bruise or swelling; perhaps to make it simpler to explain – look similarly at bloating – it is a reaction of your body to something it did not like. Bloating can get really bad, it may stay on for days, you may wake up in the morning, have no food yet and be still bloated from the previous day. As an example, I did 8 day water fast, and only after 3rd day of eating zero (seriously) food my stomach started to calm down.

Solution: Like with everything to do with YOURSELF just listen to your body as iy may just be saying ‘WTF’ 😀

If you are not yet good at listening to your body and would rather listen to me, then here are few ideas that may help you understand why is your stomach not flat (and I mean ‘from the inside’, we are ignoring the obvious reason which is a layer of fat):

  1. Gut flora is messed up. This means bad bacteria destroyed too much of your good bacteria.
  2. Food allergy. Look at common allergents such as milk or soya.
  3. Eating food your body is not used to. Go back to basics, did your mum give you avocado when you were growing up?
  4. Stomach bacteria or virus. It probably destroys your good bacteria as we speak.
  5. Lack of vitamins, for example vit D which is responsible for a healthy gut. Any crazy stuff going on in your stomach could mean vitamins may not have a chance to get absorbed well enough.
  6. Some other diseases called autoimmune. But somehow they all seem to be gut related in the end.

Loose theory but very close to what Hippocrates said ‘All disease begin in the gut’. How did he know this! 😉

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