Mowgli, six pack and a trip to Paris ball dresses poland
Trip to Paris…

And a bit of story about Mowgli and a six pack 🙂

I sat in a warm bath with full make-up on, my (then) black hair were all done for the party, wet look style, like Italian girl 🙂 It was New Year’s Eve and I was 18. Mr B’s house was loud and busy, just as I love it, but in all this noise I stopped for a moment and looked astonished in the mirror 😛 (there was a big mirror covering the whole wall, opposite the bath). In my head I was always Mowgli from The Jungle Book. A bit of a tomboy girl with messy hair with a love for jacquard and lambada skirts, climbing trees and garages, with scratched knees, who always wanted a six pack and also a girl who lost her precious mum 7 years ago… And then I thought to myself that I can’t believe it’s me, that I’m so happy now, that I did my make-up and hair so nicely (he he I thought so then), that only few years ago I went through so many tornadoes, thought my word ended, I missed my little sis and brother and Nala, our dog… But the world didn’t end, I was still smiling, found my soulmate Mr B, I felt so grateful for all the things that happened to me, trying to let the bad things that already happened to pass by me. Maybe some things happen for a reason?

And then I was in Paris last month, Mr B took these amazing photos. Looking at the Eiffel Tower I felt grateful again, couldn’t believe how far I have come. Actually ‘we’ have 🙂 We have each other, get to travel, know so many words in English, exercise, know about nutrition, there are many kind hearts in the world, opportunities everywhere, you can always say ‘this is not how my story will end’ and work to change it, we know so much and so little, so much more is yet to be explored. And on those busy days when I feel like I’m all over the place, not getting anywhere, I try to think that life is good, even if it’s not always good. And there is always this beautiful Paris that is so close to England. And like Bob’s bro says I say in my head: ‘we are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time’.


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As always best shot for last pic 😛

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