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This post explains how calories work. In my article about yo-yo effect I said you need to eat right to lose weight. Nothing drastic. And also that 2 bars of chocolate might equal a whole bunch of awesome healthy food instead. And it would leave you happier, healthier and more energised. Okay, so here comes the trick of those little monsters. There are 3 options only! 😀

  1. To maintain weight your calories in need to equal your calories out. Which means the kcal that you burn during the day are compensated by what you eat during the day. For example you burn 2000 kcal and eat 2000 kcal. Even if food was healthy your weight will not go down, but also it will not increase. That’s why people who gained weight in the past and say but I eat healthy now will not lose it until they introduce calories deficit. Wait for point 2.
  2. To lose weight your calories in need to be less than the ones going out. Find your maintenance weight first. For me, without exercise it is 1800-1900 kcal (tested on healthy calories). To start losing weight I would reduce it to 1600 kcal. If after few weeks there wouldn’t be any result I would cut another 50-100 kcal. Again, not too drastic as your metabolism will slow down.
  3. To gain weight your calories in have to be higher than the ones going out (good for bodybuilders or if you are trying to understand why your weight keeps going / staying up 😉 )


Points to note – with losing and gaining weight simple formula won’t always work straight away as you may need to fix your gut first. Also certain body types have to work much harder to increase their weight. But everything is doable when you are persistent. Fixing gut will take time, and needs a separate post, but if you want to start quickly then I suggest super clean eating for months, good probiotics, lots of raw food and home made vegetable juices, a little bit like a paleo diet and definitely no sugar (look for low glycemic index).

Alessandra xx


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