Indecision and a baby story

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Indecision is a habit of permitting others to do your thinking, staying ‘on the fence’. (Napoleon Hill).

Indecision is one of those things standing between you and most of good stuff. Where it comes from? For example fear of making wrong decision, maybe also being lazy and used to having other people do thinking for you. Indecision, often ends in making no decision at all. You end up doing nothing or going with someone else’s suggestion. And then you end up in the wrong time and place.

By doing this you assume others have more knowledge than you. But they may have experienced more, have more opinions but it doesn’t equal their knowledge. It’s just their interpretation of what they have experienced. Sooo, here comes the example! 😀

Essentially, we are all babies born at different time. Some of us are 5, 20, some 30 or 70 years old. But at one point we were all babies, who had to grow and learn (from other big babies).

Think about it, what if we were all born at the same time? We would have to learn at the same time, all together. Why would you think so and so knows more? They may have interpreted something differently, be more convincing selling their view. But it is just this, their ‘view’.

Example 2:

If you need to narrow it down, imagine world consists of 10 people. All born in your town. Same day, hour, minute, no parents 😛 You grow together and perhaps develop different skills over time. But none of you really knows how you got here, what you supposed to be doing, what’s right, wrong, what school you should go to, or whether carbs and cream eggs are good for you.

So trust yourself, is your own trial and error not a better way than following others? Whatever you are up to, make a decision, stick to it, work for it, wait for the result.

Alessandra x

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