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Hey girl, say no to that yo-yo effect!

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Yo-yo effect. Simple explanation of how it works and practical tips on how to stop it. For boys too, not only girls of course! OK, so I just love English weather as I’m not good with posing for pictures wind just covers my face with hair and I’m all good. Again pics taken at awesome English coast. Back to the main topic. Yo-Yo effect:

When you start new diet some people may say oh don’t do it you will put it all back on, or even more, diet is not good for you and so on. The reason you put weight back on is not because you were on diet but because you went back to your old habits after you lost weight. You probably also re-compensated yourself for all the weeks of dieting eating more junk food that you used to. There is no more science to it. Apart from hunger hormone – leptine, which gets activated when you go a bit crazy and cut too many calories. Don’t do it and you will be fine.

So –> yo-yo effect is not a magic trick pulled by your body, it is not a disease caused by diet either, it is just you being inconsistent with what you learned during dieting AND overeating for your level of fitness.

Yo-yo effect means you were on diet then went back to old habits. It could look like that:

  1. Diet
  2. Lost 10kg, happy
  3. No time to eat healthy, 5kg back on
  4.  Oh no I need to lose it quickly, I liked my body before (point 2)
  5. Strict version of original diet
  6. Lost 4kg
  7. Hungry stressed, no time for cooking, back to old habits, ready & processed meals, take aways, choc bars etc
  8. 6kg back on
  9. Not happy, want to diet again and so on…

Net loss 4kg. Time 6 months. In 6 months you could easily lose 12kgs. Being full, happy, having nice occasional cheat meals and not going through the yo-yo effect. How? Firstly forget ‘QUICK FIXES’!

  1. Lose it slowly (for example half a kilo per week)
  2. Eat right and a lot. This will mean no hunger games! You chose: 2 bars of milk chocolate, spike of sugar, feeling hungry soon OR lean grilled steak, grilled fish, potatoes, rice, porridge, strawberries, peanut butter, sandwich, eggs, green tea, greek salad, roasted vegetables with butter, bacon waffles, avocado, soup, chia seeds and choc protein powder pudding, good mood, full tummy, healthy.
  3. Have your favourite cheat meals once a week so you don’t miss them that much. Meaning you won’t throw yourself into 10 packets of crisps when the diet is over.
  4. Gradually change your lifestyle – less pain and shock 😀 How about eliminating your worst diet habit once a week, I’m sure you can think of one 😉
  5.  Don’t think of it as a diet. Create your favourite meals in healthy option. My favourites – chocolate protein puddings, pancakes, steak and baked fries, grilled bacon and eggs.

You can have desserts, lots of healthy food, it’s not diet, just eating right. Then your old weight won’t come back on. It takes same amount of time to make porridge with berries, quick tuna salad, healthy pancakes than to HEAT UP THAT PIZZA 😀

I will make diet plans here soon, these would really be helpful, so watch out for them. For now you can message me if you have a question that I haven’t covered here. I am desserts queen so don’t worry will include these in the diet plans too.


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say no to yo-yo effect


stop yo-yo effect for girls


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Wearing adidas and nike together 😛

belucce fitness blog london beach adidas yo-yo effect

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