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Keep going even after 4 days

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Keep going even in 4 days from now.

What if I told you that 4 days from now you will likely fail? That is if you start working towards your goal today.

Whatever ‘new’ it is that you are starting there is always this amazing plan how it will work out 100% as you planned. And magically even better than you planned, right? But what if you knew that 4 days (ok I’m estimating, but this is often quite accurate!) from now your plan will fail and you will want to give up? Would you still want it? Would you still go ahead? Because failure is why most plans stop at early or later stage. You assume that it will be perfect and when it’s not the motivation to carry on usually ends. (Note that you are losing motivation only, because the original need for that goal to happen will still be there somewhere behind the newly created alibis).

However…. Whatever you are planning to do, diet, exercise, new business, getting up early, just remember nothing ever goes according to plan. It goes different, not always wrong, and YOU WILL WANT TO GIVE UP.

Example: I had many set backs trying to achieve various goals and one of them was when I got a really bad foot injury as soon as I started with new diet and workout plan, which I paid for, got new gym clothes, brand new shiny motivation and boom! … I was out of training for over 4 months. Of course first thought comes to your mind super easily. I give up, maybe it isn’t for me, back to default-easy life. But put aside the obstacle, you really wanted that goal/dream to happen, so why not plan in advance and keep going this time.

So sometimes change in attitude will do the trick. Failure is temporary if you don’t give up. Whatever you are doing, expect obstacles, like rain in England 😀 use them as a part of a plan, new lesson, more time for revise what you want to do etc, find positive side of the situation, be flexible with your deadline, expect it may move, but be strict with yourself, follow plan and keep going in its general direction. And at the same time, be ready that plan, not goal, will have to change at some point. The winner never quits and the quitter never wins…

On the photos you can see me wearing a red coat and I was planning to take nice fashion action photos 😀 but here comes fog, super cold wind and you have to go with it. Never know when the sun comes back again, so we just worked with the weather we had at the time 🙂 Do you also feel a bit of a super girl wearing super high heels?? 😀 :** Btw these are about 15cm, no platform, must have been designed by some crazy person 😀 😀


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