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Burn fat easily and quickly

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Burn fat easily and quickly.

And perhaps magically too….? 😉

Your hair and nails won’t visibly grow in 1 day. The same applies to fat, it is not something that will just turn into air, it has to be ‘used up’. The only thing that you can lose quickly is water and some diets that promis quick weight loss are based on this, cut carbs, which hold water and voila here is your quick result.

I’m estimating now but see this, to build 1kg of fat you need to find 7000 calories. Something that your body can’t use for any of its processes. It should work similar other way round. So to burn fat (quickly and easily 😉 ) you need to have a 7000 calories deficit over a period of time.

Continuing with 1kg of fat example, if you want to lose it within a week you would have to do this: eat 500 calories less that your maintenance level, exercise every day to burn additional 500 calories. Note that gym equipment often over estimates the calories burnt. Doing this every day you would lose a mix of water, muscle and fat, also thanks to water more weight may drop. Mr B used to do this actually… so he wasn’t drinking much water in hope of having lower number on scale in the morning 😀 But it is not about the number, you need to focus on the fat tissue, how you look and feel.

But OK, how sustainable that approach do you think is? I doubt you would even be that consistent for 7 days, but say you would. How many weeks can you do it for, less food, more exercise, no rest days?

Better option

Better option to burn fat quickly (the quickest and healthiest option) is to take slower approach and not put your body through another shock and extreme. Accept that where you are didn’t happen overnight, and it will take a bit to make it right. Accepting this may suck, but doing quick diets will slow you down in the long term anyway, or you may actually end up worse (thanks to jo-jo effect). Super easy steps to start burning fat would be for sure:

  1. Ditch all the fast foods and fake foods, and sugary drinks and fizzy etc! Stop snacking, stick to set meals and give your digestive system some break in the evenings and at night.
  2. Cook our own food for 1-2 days ahead. Use internet for recipes, they are never ending and super yummy! My favourite recent find, Choosingchia 🙂
  3. Move it! Even walk, bike, dance, gym, do some moves and sweat.

I promise you just this, without cutting calories will set you on the right track and you can see the first results in the first month. Seriously there is no need to speed it up.

Alessandra xx

Ps. I really love ‘my’ palm trees!! Wearing Trec Girl outfit.


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trec girl burn fat fast supplements


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