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Dreamer and doer story


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Dreamer and doer story… i.e. someone is looking for you today.

I wrote this on a plane flying home. (And dreaming).

Mr B always says that you can’t sit and wait for things to happen because they won’t happen on their own. In a way he is right, right? But the world has a balance, some people are dreamers, opened for change but are not sure how to get to their destination and some are so focused on action that they will not rest, can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking, until they achieve what they want.

So imagine it may work this way: one person is the Action Man and the other person is No Action Man but waits for the opportunity. No Action Man gets his own way because he/she has his eyes and ears opened. Looks around, listens and sees opportunities. Someone else creates them. And you see, the Action Man will always need that other person. This is because he can’t do everything himself.

There may be approximately 3 types of people – Action Man, No Action Man opportunist and the chilled one who just enjoys little things in life, doesn’t look for opportunities nor creates them, but seems happy too so all is good.

It’s simple but let me explain using example.

–> You live in a small village in Indonesia and dream about working for company in Europe, you are great with CAD etc (design) but seem hopeless in pursuing your goal. All you have is a laptop someone left in the guesthouse you work at, it had CAD on it so you thought yourselfie. And you got a dream. You are now obsessed with designing and after long working day helping your parents you hide away and keep designing, designing, designing and dreaming…

~~ Meanwhile in Europe

–> A guy opens his own business, he is fed up with unreliable contractors, who can’t do a proper design for him, take forever and act like princesses. His business somehow takes off and he becomes rich but still being fed up with European contractors he decides to search the web himself to find someone with true passion for a computer design. He is on it.

~~ Meanwhile in Indonesia

Your friends laugh at you, ah silly you thinking you can conquer the world, better go and do some work and stop dreaming. You smile, feel silly, do your work but late at night you do your CAD thing again. Because you also enjoy it, and because your cousin Agnik believes in you. AND –> by accident, just because some page popped out on the screen you put few of your designs on some designing website, create your profile, little portfolio etc. You think to yourselfie … hi world here I am! 😛

The end!

Haha no just joking, the ending is as follows:

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How did dreamer and doer story end?

Of course the guy from Europe finds you and offers you a dream job. He was the Action Man, on a search for a perfect match. You made something that the Action Man needed. Not much had to be done on your side, just doing your thing well and showing your talent to the tiny part of the world. ALSO SEE THIS:

Those 2 things were happening at the same time. Boss / doer knew he will need a good designer one way or another. Dreamer knew he wanted to design in Europe. But just when both of them made a synchronised step it become REAL. Is it possible that 1 side will make a step and other won’t therefore your dream won’t come true without this synchronisation?

Perhaps, but have you ever seen a real Action Man giving up???

This sounds idealistic, but can you not think of real examples to back these up?

Kisses xx

belucce blog doer versu dreamer motivation

Photos are done on the beautiful English Coast 🙂

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