UKBFF South Coast – Bikini Fitness show time!

ukbff bikini fitness south coat contest 2016
I’m first from the right in black bikini 🙂

UKBFF bikini fitness – South Coast 2016 Contest. Bodybuilding day 131. The show time!

Good morning

Day of UKBFF bikini fitness show! How does it feel to do something you have never done before? Scary… But when you were not afraid, you wanted it, it was your decision to compete in UKBFF event, all the work is now done, you won’t burn any more fat or build any more muscle in next few hours, you probably won’t learn new walking technique either, don’t undermine your potential, what you have learnt over last months is still there, it’s not gone just because you are nervous, now just go there and enjoy yourself. Ha, easier said than done, but I will explain step by step what I did and what happens on the day of UKBFF Bikini Fitness Contest.


I had a banana, baked sweet potato, honey, almonds around 8am, no coffee. For flat abs avoid food that may give you bloating, mainly dairy and processed food, sugar, vegetables, fruit. As you see I did however had a small amount of fruit and sugar. Rice cakes should be ok too. I didn’t drink much water as I didn’t feel thirsty but most bikini girls recommend drinking approx. 1litre of water until the show and take small sips when you feel thirsty.

Make-up & hair

My talented friend Pati Queen did my make-up at 8.15, had no spray tan on yet but just made it a bit darker than usual, but not too dark so it still looked nice and natural. Had beautiful eyelashes, not sure how she puts them on though, but everything looked great and with my hair and make up done I started to feel a bit better. I went to hair dressers a day before in the afternoon, my hair was still perfect all day (at least to me 😛 )


Listen to music, the songs you practiced your walking at, and the ones you trained so hard at. My best helper is Alan Walker ‘Faded’, it picks me up anytime, even until now. Let someone do the peep talk to you, even if it doesn’t work just listen to them. My friend Martyna called me in the morning thinking I am super excited but I was just scared and not sure if I look good enough for the stage. The things she said helped a lot, she was more excited than me, which reminded me of my excitement from beginning of my training 😀 It worked, and as I mentioned before she told me to take it all in, I did, this makes the memories very alive, I even remember the smell of the spray tan 🙂

ukbff bikini fitness contest back pose glutes women belucce
Back pose a favourite pose? 😉


Started at 11, we got there about 10.30 and the queue was already long. I sent my registration form few weeks before the show, but you can also fill it there. You get the form and move on in the queue to pay for the admin fee and membership. I paid for the membership online week or two before and shown proof of payment. Then you take your shoes off and go to the scale to get your height confirmed for the right category. Everyone there had a great sense of humour and that was helpful to ease the stress, I even got my UKBFF 2016 competitor T-shirt 🙂

Spray tan

After the registration you just walk through the door and go to the main hall where stage is and where your friends can wait for you. Shows were already happening so this added some excitement. I went backstage to get my tan with Pro Glow, recommended by UKBFF, I registered 2 months before and paid online few days before the show, you can also pay cash on the day, but doing things in advance will help you relax more.

Spray tan – ok so you get into the room that has 6 black tents, get into the one of them, strip naked, take off jewellery and wait for someone to spray you with cold brown liquid ha ha. As mentioned before the cold water attacks you from every angle, I was already cold because of diet so this was… fun 🙂 Spraying takes maybe 10 minutes, you stand there for a while to dry, wipe off the tan from your nails and put clothes on (light coloured nails are not the best idea, mine were red). Spray tan stains the clothes but this comes off very easily, next day just put clothes under the running water. Peeling, creams, fat in your food, ph of your skin, all this affects your tan, you will get instructions from Pro Glow of all dos and don’ts before the show. But the main rule is to use most natural, non oily peeling, every day for a week before the show.

ukbff bikini fitness contest bodybuilding belucce
Wow! it was scary and exciting!

The Backstage Vibes

UKBFF judges, shows, general fitness atmosphere, house full of fitness freaks makes you feel like…home. At least that what it did to me. Everyone walking around looks at you because they know you are one of the competitors, you are very brown and look more dressed up that others 😀 After the spray tan you just wait for your turn to go on the stage, sit in the audience, cheer other competitors, beginning of the day those are mainly men classes…ladies! 😉

You can also go backstage where you will find other girls in the dressing room, get to know some people, we are all in this together, it may be someone else’s first show too. Be yourself and if someone is not interested in making friends then don’t take it personally, they may just be very competitive and want to focus on winning not talking 🙂 But in general remember that you are surrounded by athletes who know what hard work and dedication is, just like you, and who are an inspiration and example to Someone, maybe to their friends or to their family member.

Backstage some girls listened to music, some just sat down, practiced poses, did makeup, hair, and exercise to pump muscle before going on the stage, ate rice cakes and peanut butter. Tip – don’t eat because you see someone else eating, don’t panic because someone else is freaking out, think for yourself, ask yourself questions: are you really hungry, can you keep calm? etc 🙂

I stayed backstage for a while then sat in the audience with my friends. Watch order of the show as you don’t want to miss your class going on the stage. I’ve heard this happened, if it does to you, just keep your diet and focus on the next available show even if you have to travel far, just go and don’t let your hard work go to waste. I believe in you 🙂

It’s time…!!

It seems you only just got up this morning and suddenly it is nearly 7pm, the UKBFF bikini fitness category goes on stage, first cuties (shorties – my friends’ favourite…), then middle height and then the tall class, so this means me! Last minute checks to your tan are done, number is attached on the correct side of your bikini bottoms, you are ready to go. So what happens now, what do you do, who goes first, where do you stand, what if they won’t like you, what if you fall? The music is on, the audience is cheering, there is no turning back now because your class has just been announced, the curtain is up and you are ON! 🙂

Read about the show time in my next post.

ukbff bikini fitness aleksandra bartoszek
Here we come 😀
ukbff bikini fitness alekandra bartoszek minko finals t-walk
Aaand here I come!
ukbff bikini fitness back pose glutes 2016 belucce
Me again… Ps. Some people always say oh there is so much I need to improve when they look at their photos, but I am just so happy to have what I have, wow look at my back muscles, I never had anything like that, don’t like, don’t look but to me they look and feel awesome 😀

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