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How to stay motivated? Celebrate to re-freeze.

belucce refreeze celebrate

The importance of re-freeze phase for keeping your motivation alive.

Re-freeze is the final stage of making any change. Just to remind you it is taken from Lewin’s Change Management Model based on 3 stages, unfreeze, change, re-freeze. I wrote about it here.

The final step is the best as it is all about the rewards. The idea is to CELEBRATE YOUR SMALL SUCCESSES regularly. Once you get to change phase there will be a certain plan set by yourself that you will be following, it should have some structure and be broken down into smaller steps and goals. Every time you get to a set goal and make a new step you could reward yourself.

Fitness example

Main goal – I want to lose 20kg. This may appear to be overwhelming but broken down looks more like this:

In 2 weeks time – I want to lose 1kg. For doing this I will have a small desert.

After 1 month – I want to lose 2kg. I will go to the cinema or visit an old friend who lives in London.

After 2 months – I want to lose 8kg. After I do this I will treat myself to a nice gym outfit.

Losing 20kg of weight realistically (and healthy) could mean 20-40 weeks of work. And you could make it more fun and achievable by having a list of small and big rewards (cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles, a glass of wine, go out for tea, go to the cinema, drive to the beach, take your grandmother for dinner, travel somewhere new). Try not to mess up your diet plan by doing this, your rewards shouldn’t turn into pizza and chocolate binging party 🙂 Eating too many carbs on your reward day will mean struggle next day – i.e. feeling super hungry and having difficulties going back to normal healtly eating plan.

Next step

Regularly go through all 3 stages, keep reminding yourself why you started, what was your plan and celebrate small achievements. The reasons for change and plan of action can change with time, that’s OK and normal, just keep celebrating and having fun with it along the way!

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