belucce bodybuilding

Bodybuilding. Day number 80.

belucce bodybuilding

My thoughts on bodybuilding written approximately 80 days in.

Bodybuilding and chocolate

Sometimes I wonder if I was sane signing up for this. No cream eggs, no chocolate, no Nutella (that’s also chocolate), no desserts on Cunard, no crepes with Belgian chocolate and M&Ms, no M&Ms on the beach, no ptasie mleczko (my polish favourite), no birthday cake, no champagne, no wine on the beach with my friend Pati, no fresh bread with cheese tomatoes and onion early Saturday morning… only lifting some heavy metal from the floor. But maybe yes to feeling a little bit better every day, being a little big stronger every day… leaner, happier, hopeful, positive, relaxed, in the moment, etc…

My ‘No‘s’ and ‘Yeses’ are very different, can I compare them, I’m not sure. But the feeling that bodybuilding and weight lifting gives you, that you can take on the world, is not easily comparable to anything. Come on you can do deadlifts now! 😛

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What’s different?

Everything has changed, my whole outlook on life, I can’t say when it changed exactly, it just happened in a very delicate and undetectable way. You can see it looking back over a long period of time but not from day to day. Also you may see weight lifting as something superficial, people trying to get some hot body, but even if this is the only thing that gets you started (and who cares what motivates you, you started and only this matters because you already stand out from the crowd) then with time you will understand that this is the best lesson you will ever come across. It builds and shapes your character, it will not make you happy on its own, but it will give you understanding of many areas that ultimately will influence your happiness. There is so much to say about this that it is worth having it as a separate post 🙂

PS. It was not easy to get to day number 80. Period from first to third week were one of the hardest. I will tell you about it another time.

PS2. I was wrong. As I write this it is day 140. Cutting phase is the worst part! 🙁


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