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What good looks like to you?

Views of Monte Carlo
Looking over beautiful Monte Carlo… thinking what I want to achieve 🙂

What good looks like to me? Cruise to Monte Carlo and my final decision – how would I like to change my lifestyle?

I wrote about the reasons for change here. But then the other question that came up was ‘OK so what do I change to?’. What works for me, (maybe it would work for you too?) is to think what good looks like to me. What would I be satisfied with, or even better, what would exceed my expectations?

Queen Victoria cruise to Monte Carlo
Everyone just seem to tell you ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’, but can you?

To start with there is 2 steps approach I decided to use:

  1. Think as if there are no limits. This will help to think outside the box, find new ideas not limited by your experiences and life you know.


2. Think realistically. What resources do you have, what resources you can get, can anyone help you, is that all – really? I kept challenging my answers until I created something unique.

Monte Carlo Monacco beach


  1. No limits: I want to have Bruce Lee’s physique, be strong, lean, fast, handsome, funny.
  2. Reality: But I eat pizza for breakfast and don’t workout. Besides all my family has always been overweight so I have bad genes. OK but what if one day you find out you were adopted, and your biological family were in fact ninja warriors that died on the ninja war 😛 Wouldn’t you start questioning your ‘fat genes’? But all that would change is just some additional information that you have not considered before. That’s why it is best to keep questioning your beliefs as they are just this – your beliefs. I know they are yours and you like them, I got attached to mine too, but … you can always get some new ones that are more helpful, new, shiny and up to date. Ignore the noise and have more trust in what you can achieve. Use internet and experience of other people to get various information and don’t forget to challenge this too.


Tip: Use your imagination, create a clear picture in your head of what you want to achieve. How would you look, feel, speak, walk. At first this will be hard to imagine, do it as often as possible until it becomes natural. I even add the sunny weather and smell of air on the summer morning in my ‘picture’, do whatever you like, it’s all in your head, plus it is super helpful.

The clear picture of what you and your every day will look like after the change together with understanding why you are doing this are probably 2 of 3 most important things you will need. Again, don’t over complicate, you could have it all done within 2 minutes. To sum up:

  1. Get your ‘why’ ready – read here
  2. Be specific. What good looks like to you – read above

At the end of the cruise I have reached the final decision, it was divided into few goals that I wanted to achieve, that would help me to get to the ‘big goal’. OK, here comes the first one, bodybuilding! And to take part in UKBFF contest. However at that point I had no idea what I am getting into but more on this later! 😀

Change in the lifestyle
Monte Carlo cruise port views

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