Finding the new land. The Mediterranean Sea cruise

Cunard fashion cruise
Black tie evening on beautiful Cunard’s ship – Queen Victoria

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

You are on the 90,000 GT, 294 meters long and 62 meters tall ship cruising through the Mediterranean Sea 1,500 meters deep … in your 15 cm (5,9 inch) Kurt Geiger stilettos. Of course everything is possible! 😀

To gain a new perspective and inspiration, Mr B and I decided to pack for 2 weeks and went together to the new land. ‘New land’ was in Mediterranean and because I get excited about ancient history Rome and Greece were on the list. And to make it more of an adventure we sailed there, or I should say – cruised in style. On a beautiful Queen Victoria.

After reading ‘million’ of books on how to do things, reach your goals, stay motivated etc.. and never finding the final answer I decided to trust myself this time and follow my own plan. It’s mine so it has to work at least for me 🙂 However I need to add that it’s easier to connect the dots now, when I look back today, but at the time nothing was really organised so well or even clear. I had a plan but I didn’t know if it will work. It turns out it doesn’t matter whether your plan is perfect, what matters is that after creating the plan you will immediately take action.

At night, when we were away from the shore, I looked down onto the sea and watched Queen going through the waves, both Queen Victoria and sea looked very powerful. Sea at night is scary, especially for little me who can’t swim 😛 I’m telling you this so you can see for yourself how this kind of scenery change can affect your thinking, it can be quite inspiring, it detaches you from your usual reality, allowing you to zoom out and see the bigger picture. This then helps to relax, come up with some kind of plan, dream, to be creative, to believe everything is possible (remember those 5.9 inch Kurt Geiger heels I mentioned 😛 …).

Queen Victoria & my Kurt Geiger high heels
Nigh walk on the deck after the black tie ball on Queen Victoria, luckily you can sit on the bench for a while (those heels…)

To sum up – this process has a name in business (Lewin’s Change Management Model). There are 3 stages, unfreeze, change, refreeze. I have modified them slightly but essentially what happens first – you understand there is a need for change, you challenge your beliefs and the way you do things, decide things you do don’t serve you any more, use this as your motivation to start. In unfreeze phase it’s good to spend some time figuring out the blueprint for your new plan. But don’t over complicate, give yourself max week or two and try new scenery, cruise is great but you may of course try something simpler like gooing for a long walk/run.

Example: Fitness lifestyle change, so you enjoyed eating all that junk food for a while, now is the time to move on and take care of your body. It is not natural to human body to be overweight, hence you lack energy, may feel down, be ill and just don’t function as good as you really could. Besides, what a waste not ever get to see in your life what your muscles are capable of! Come on, aren’t you even a bit curious? 😉

Cunard MEDITERRANEAN cruise and black tie dress
Inspiring gallery on one of the decks with interesting stories from the past. Behind me (more to the right) is the story about Chanel bottle – I think from around 1940s… Can’t exactly remember what happened but something along the lines that a lady got bottle of perfume in exchange for cigarettes and the bottle fell on the floor smashed into pieces, but at least when this lady got on a cruise she smelled heavenly 🙂 Of course she did, it was Chanel no 5 🙂


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