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Dreams, don’t just talk about them, plan and move it

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By Alessandra

Follow your dreams, hit the snooze button.

I wanted to do something different for a long time. Mr B and I talked about our dreams, passion and plans quite often. During spring and summer we went to the beach at night, we sat in the dark and we ate peanut M&Ms. Amazing haha. We looked in the stars and wondered why our dreams haven’t come true yet. We got annoyed at this fact for a while and then started dreaming and planning the future again 🙂

I have lots of theories but for sure one of them is that we are ‘here’ for a reason, and I really believe that. And I think that chasing something that lights up your smile will get you to that reason. My friend Marty says that you need to look in the mirror and your eyes have to smile back at you, then you know it’s all good.

And when you are a kid everything around you including yourself changes quickly, constantly, it’s fun or painful, doesn’t matter, what matters is that you keep moving forward and evolve. But as you grow older you start to be more careful and controlling of the environment around you. Things slow down, you avoid change, challenge, discomfort but you are… safe. You are actually so safe that the world slows down to the point that it nearly stops. Suddenly you realise that this is not exactly what you wanted, because now every day feels like the day before and the day before that. Your choice now is to either wake up and do something about it or keep dreaming and hitting the snooze button!

So this is a little intro to how it all started, beach, M&Ms and a plan for a challenge with a faith that it will work.

Summer beach fashion
No M&Ms on the photo!

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