Change nothing, nothing changes

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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.

Why change? Perhaps where you are now is not where you want to stay. Maybe you stayed ‘here’ for a bit too long and now you really want to get going. If you want to follow your dreams, this will mean some kind of change. But it will also mean you have to accept the current situation because – simply put – where you are now is the result of YOUR choices, decision and habits (so your fault basically ;)). I know… bla, bla, bla you heard it before 🙂 But… really… to get a different result in anything alter one small habit per week or per month. E.g. say no when you would normally say yes and say yes when you would say no – within reason 🙂 Just do something else.

However the thing is (‘things is’ – as my friend says), it sounds easy, maybe also seems easy, but in practice – how easy is the change?

Example: Try a new diet for a day, try not swearing for a day, try not drinking coffee for a day, try not complaining for a day, try getting up early for a day, try not eating chocolate for a day, try drinking more water for a day. Just try anything different/new for a day and you will see how painful it is to change.

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Solution that works for me: you need to understand your ‘why’.

Let’s use fitness as an example, so why do you really want a new body, why do you want to excercise, what will fit lifestyle give you etc. Also now is the time to ask yourself is this really something YOU want to do. Do YOU like it, do YOU enjoy it? No? Find something else that you want to change. Found the right thing? Yes? Do it, do it 🙂

Next step: Have your ‘whys’ left, right and centre, write them down, read, memorise, read again, read them out loud, before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning.

Warning: If your ‘why’ is not ready before you start your (say) fitness journey believe me that your excuses for not doing something will kick in within seconds, nearly automatically, as soon as first thought of doubt will appear in your head. This is usually around 11 am, maybe max 4pm, on the day you started 😛

My sample list of anti-fitness-lifestyle excuses:

  • Why did I even wanted a fit body?!
  • OK so I will still eat chocolate and just do more sit ups/run more
  • Changed my mind, 1 piece swimming suit will do
  • Maybe I should just wear a babydoll dress
  • I don’t need to be fit anymore
  • Looks like I won’t be a superwoman
  • Whatever, who needs muscles
  • I will start again on Monday (yep maybe in year 2026)

Of course I have been there, I was that person saying OK I will still eat Nutella and just do more sit-ups, haha what a bs, we all know sit-ups don’t burn Nutella 😉

So now find a relaxing place, think what is it that you don’t like, then think what good would look like, then think why do you want it, write it down, commit to it, this time just don’t turn back, don’t change your mind.

And have a look at those amazing places that exist somewhere on Mediterranean Sea and that inspired me to get my ‘whys’ sorted.

Cunard Queen Victoria Monacco port

Cunard cruise to Greece Turkey fashion

Queen Victoria Cunard sunset on the sea

Cunard sunrise on the sea

Cunard morning tea on deck sunrise

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